A leaseholder is someone who has bought their council-owned flat, which forms part of a larger building.

As the owner of the block we are responsible for maintaining the structure, external and communal facilities and services such as lighting and cleaning.

This kind of ownership is called a 'leasehold' and we have approximately 350 leaseholders.

The Leasehold Scrutiny Panel examines and challenges our performance in housing services for leaseholders.

Report a repair

We are responsible for all repairs to shared facilities such as lifts, lighting, the roof and the structure of the building and communal areas.

Contact the Housing Repairs Team to report repairs.

Please note: a share of the cost of any repairs will be included in your future service charge.

General enquiries

Our Housing Assistant Team deals with day-to-day general enquiries in the first instance, contact them for assistance.

If you are buying a property in York, you may find our moving to York page useful.

Anti-social behaviour

We believe that everyone should feel safe and secure, and be able to enjoy living in their home without experiencing anti-social behaviour. We will not accept any form of anti-social behaviour and will take action against those who cause it.

Find out more about reporting anti-social behaviour. You can also contact the Housing Management Officer for your area.

All crimes should be reported to the police on 101 if a non emergency.

Emergencies and acts of a criminal nature should be reported to the police by dialling 999.

Also see

Housing Repairs

Hazel Court, James Street, York, YO10 3DS

Telephone: 01904 553217

Housing Repairs - Out of hours

Out of hours contact for housing repairs.

Telephone: 01904 630405