Housing delivery programme

We've committed to develop 600 new homes across York in 8 council-owned locations.

Goals agreed in July 2018 by the council’s Executive mean our Housing Delivery Programme will deliver:

  • high-quality homes designed in collaboration with the local community
  • accommodation suitable for a wide range of households, meeting a full range of affordable housing
  • shared open spaces, sociable neighbourhoods and community cohesion
  • homes with higher than required environmental attributes (resulting in lower running costs)
  • healthy places where people want to live

Our ambition is to create a wide-reaching legacy for the city which builds on York’s rich history as a housing pioneer, developing treasured homes in green and healthy neighbourhoods.

New council-built communities

Our Housing Delivery Programme will deliver mixed communities where:

  • 60% of the homes will be for sale on the housing market (providing funds towards development costs of affordable housing)
  • 40% of the homes will be affordable homes, including shared ownership and rented council housing

We're also excited to offer individuals and community groups opportunities to self-build as part of the programme.

Housing development locations

Our Housing Delivery Programme will build new homes across York on 8 council-owned sites.

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  1. Lowfield Green
  2. Duncombe Barracks
  3. Burnholme
  4. Askham Bar
  5. Former Manor School
  6. Hospital Fields Road and Ordnance Lane
  7. Clifton Without Primary school
  8. Woolnough House

Download a map of housing development locations.

We'll provide more information about each housing development location in due course, including:

  • progress of our consultations
  • events
  • the resulting designs

Register your interest:

  • for updates on progress at the housing development sites
  • to find out about future events

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Housing delivery programme progress

Since the vision was outlined in July 2018, our Housing Delivery Programme has made good progress, including:

  • gaining planning permission to build 165 new homes at Lowfield Green with over an acre of open public space, a health and public service building, and a care home
  • securing £1,466,800 of Homes England funding for Lowfield Green under the Local Authority Accelerated Construction Fund for New Homes
  • starting 'enabling works' at Lowfield Green
  • establishing a house building contractor
  • developing a 'Design Manual' to ensure we meet our city’s housing needs, by building better places and beautiful homes
  • construction work to create 8 football pitches near Askham Bar Park & Ride, replacing 3 temporary pitches and supporting the growth of local children’s football club
  • procuring external support from a multidisciplinary design team, led by Mikhail Riches Architects
  • buying Duncombe Barracks from the Ministry of Defence for £1.942m (part funded from Right to Buy receipts)

Housing development design manual

Our Housing Design Manual provides a strong and ambitious framework which supports our progressive and collaborative Housing Delivery Programme.

Its innovative design principles will significantly raise the standards of homes in York, by raising resident's expectations and inspiring others developers to deliver better quality homes.

It covers:

  • delivering the housing our residents need
  • building healthy homes and neighbourhoods
  • creating distinctive and beautiful places which bring communities together
  • reducing our impact on the environment and residents’ energy bills
  • supporting sustainable transport choices and connectivity

We'll analyse each site in detail before any design work is undertaken, and develop contacts with residents and other stakeholders.

We believe the best developments come from fully understanding:

  • the locality
  • the needs and concerns of local residents, businesses and other stakeholders

Launching the Housing Delivery Programme

We invite everyone with an interest in our Housing Delivery Programme to get involved and take an active part in the development process from the outset.

Your views will have an impact on the design, look and feel of the new:

  • streets
  • homes
  • open spaces

Burnholme Midway Design Review materials and feedback

Download the Current Burnholme designs.

If you would like to provide feedback on these designs please complete our online survey or email housing.delivery@york.gov.uk.

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