Housing delivery programme

Ordnance Lane development site

The Ordnance Lane site is 1.29 hectares and is accessed off Ordnance Lane and Hospital Fields Road in the Fishergate Ward. The Ordnance Lane part of the site has previously been used for temporary homeless accommodation services before the new centre was opened at James House earlier this year.

Current proposal

The vision for this site is for a mixed and inclusive community, a healthy place to live with sustainable design including certified Passivhaus which will be zero carbon in use.

We envisage that Ordnance Lane will be developed to have a good mix of uses and community benefits including space for play, communal facilities, or even single work spaces or maker spaces, building on the sites recent history as an employment space.

The range and types of homes will be designed for people of all ages, mobility needs and incomes, including a minimum of 40% affordable homes (with a minimum of 20% social rent and 20% shared ownership) and with 15% of homes across the site being fully wheelchair adaptable . The site will have a focus on providing multi-generational housing to create inclusive, sustainable and resilient communities.

Ordnance lane site outline Ordnance lane Site plan A discussion goes on at one of the interactive sessions an overview of the people adding post it comments to a discussion board a group of participants at one of the interactive sessions A model of the proposed plan, with comments written by attendees


The Ordnance Lane proposals are still be refined taking account of our significant public engagement work with local stakeholders. Our design work is run in stages with planning submission at the end of the Stage C.

Stage A – High level design appraisal

  • engagement with the neighbourhood and communities
  • meet the design team, 25 November at Cycle Heaven
  • a drop-in session to review some of our initial analysis work, share design ambitions and discuss the future of the site

Stage B – Refinement of the design brief

Stage C – Concept design and planning application submission

  • engagement with the neighbourhood and communities
  • online consultation arranged due to covid19, September to October
  • pre-planning consultation, external display on site and online consultation

Anticipated Timeline for Development:

  • planning submission - Spring 2021
  • start on site - to be confirmed
  • completion - to be confirmed

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