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Streets, roads and pavements

Dropped kerbs and vehicle access

How we process dropped kerbs applications

Providing your received application has been granted preliminary consent, the process should take up to 28 working days, you will be notified via the webpage if we are experiencing higher than usual volumes.

Once we have received your completed application, an inspector will visit the proposed site and carry out all the necessary checks against the criteria, and a decision will be made to either grant preliminary consent for the vehicle crossing, or to decline the application. once a decision has been made, payment will be taken.

We'll write to you outlining our reasons for declining your application, for example;

  • the proposed site does not meet the criteria
  • there is insufficient frontage at proposed site
  • poor visibility
  • proximity to existing street furniture such as street lights, bus stops, road signs, telecoms cabinets
  • proximity to a junction, pedestrian crossing, parking bay, tree or traffic signal

As part of the initial inspection process, our Streetworks inspector may decide that a vehicle crossing can be approved with some minor changes to the original request, for example, a reduced number of flat kerbs. The approved layout and design of the crossing will be detailed in our communication with you and be included in the Standard Conditions letter.

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