Apply to have a white line painted on the road called an 'H-Bar carriageway marking', to:

  • discourage vehicles from parking across entrances to driveways and garages
  • highlight a dropped kerb entrance
  • inform drivers access is required

Parking enforcement powers enable us to issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) if a vehicle is parked across the entrance to your driveway, even if there are no yellow lines or a white H-Bar marking in place. However, an H-Bar may act as a deterrent against problem parking.

New H-Bar markings

Complete a New H-Bar application form to apply for an H-Bar carriageway marking.

Please note:

  • markings are not permitted if yellow lines are already present
  • markings are painted on the carriageway across the dropped kerb and for approximately 1 metre either side - this helps to prevent vehicles parking too close to your access point
  • markings will not be provided on the opposite side of the carriageway outside another resident's property
  • markings are only provided if a dropped kerb exists for the purpose of vehicle access to a private property
  • if the dropped kerb extends across 2 driveway entrances, written consent will be required from neighbours
  • the applicant is responsible for the full cost of the application

Refresh existing H-Bar markings

Complete a refresh existing H-Bar application form to have an existing worn or faded H-Bar marking repainted.

Costs for H-Bar markings

The charges to have H-Bar markings painted on the road outside your house are:

  • new markings: £128
  • refreshed markings: £81

You'll receive an invoice for the work if your application is successful.

It can take several weeks for the H-Bar to be painted on the road; timescales are available on application.

We'll contact you within 10 working days to acknowledge receipt of your application - if you have not heard from us within 10 working days, contact us to check the status of your application.

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