Double or single yellow lines (waiting restrictions) can be used to manage parking.

Contact the Traffic Management Team to request yellow lines, giving full details of the reasons why you feel yellow lines are required.

Issues which may lead to a requirement for yellow lines include:

  • parked vehicles causing obstruction close to a junction
  • a road safety problem (such as vehicles parking on the brow of a hill, or on a corner)

Yellow lines application process

We will let you know when we have received your request and what action, if any, we will take. 

  • we will contact you within 10 working days to acknowledge receipt of your application
  • if you have not heard from us within 10 working days, contact us to check the status of your application

H-Bar carriageway markings

We cannot introduce yellow lines to protect a private driveway entrance.

However, you can request 'keep clear' H-Bar carriageway markings for your dropped kerb entrance.

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