York residents' Minster Badge

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The Minster Badge gives York residents discounts on parking in council car parks and on-street parking bays.

Apply for a Minster Badge

You will need to supply:

  • your address
  • vehicle details
  • payment details

You can apply for badges for each vehicle you use. It does not matter if you use a personal or company vehicle - simply provide the vehicle registration number on application.

On average your application will take 10 working days to process and your badge will be sent to you by post.

Using your Minster Badge

A Minster Badge allows York residents to park at a reduced rate in council car parks during the day.

The Minster Badge also allows you to park for free after a certain time in most of our car parks, and in on-street parking bays after 6pm.

The free parking period for Minster Badge holders starts from:

  • 6pm until midnight, Sunday to Thursday
  • 5pm until midnight, Friday and Saturday in selected car parks only

The 5pm start to free parking on Fridays and Saturdays is applicable in the following car parks only:

To qualify for discounts you must display your badge clearly in your windscreen.

A parking fine or 'penalty charge notice' (PCN) may be issued if you:

  • display an old resident discount permit (issued before September 2013)
  • display an expired Minster Badge
  • have not paid relevant parking charges

Minster Badge costs

A Minster Badge costs £20 and lasts 2 years.

If your vehicle is involved in an accident in which the badge is irretrievable, a replacement badge will be issued free of charge upon the receipt of a police incident number.

In all other circumstances (including when your permit is lost) a replacement badge will cost £20.

Renewing your Minster Badge

To renew your current badge, apply for a Minster Badge online and select Minster Badge renewal from the drop down menu.

When renewing, your current badge number must be provided alongside your vehicle registration details.

If you have already renewed your Minster Badge and have not received your replacement, please allow 10 working days from the date of renewal for your new badge to be received.

Changes to your vehicle details

If you change your vehicle you will need to return your Minster Badge so a replacement can be issued.

Include a letter explaining why you're returning a badge and provide the new vehicle details.

A replacement badge will be issued, which will show the same expiry date as the previous badge. Until you receive your replacement badge, you will need to pay standard rates for parking.

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