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Household Support Fund

Eligibility for the Household Support Fund

There are 2 routes to apply for the new Household Support Fund, invitation and discretionary.

A customer could only receive payment through 1 application route unless there were exceptional circumstances.

Invitation eligibility

We already hold household details for customers we consider to be eligible:

  • working age households in receipt of Council Tax Support

The most recent invitations were sent out mid January and the application window closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 4 February 2024.

If you have already received a HSF payment after invitation you will be paid automatically and you do not need to apply again.

Discretionary scheme eligibility

The discretionary scheme is open to City of York residents over 16 years of age, who are struggling to meet their living costs or other essential costs, and had not received the invitation letter.

To be considered you must require urgent financial assistance and not have enough income or savings to meet the eligible costs the scheme can help with.

We will consider the needs of various households including families with children of all ages, pensioners, unpaid carers, care leavers, and Disabled people.

Residents in the following groups have been identified as priority groups where they also need additional support:

  • Disabled people, including children
  • carers
  • people with health conditions that are affected by the cold, such as COPD, severe asthma, cardiovascular disease, sickle cell anaemia
  • pensioners
  • single adult households with high energy, rent or mortgage costs

Eligible costs which we can provide assistance with:

  • food
  • energy bills – electricity, gas, oil
  • water bills (including sewerage)
  • other essential costs linked to energy or water
  • other wider essentials on a discretionary basis, these may include for example support with other bills including broadband or phone bills, clothing, and essential transport-related costs such as repairing a car, buying a bicycle, or paying for fuel
  • some exceptional housing costs

If you meet the eligibility criteria you can apply for the Household Support Fund.

If you do not meet the criteria you may be eligible for other support.

Support for foster carers

The Fostering Team will contact those who may be struggling with the cost of living to offer support.

Support for care leavers

If you are a care leaver and are struggling as a result of the increased cost of living you should contact the Pathways Team who may be able to provide additional support.

You can contact the Pathway Team on Telephone: 01904 555389, or email:

Also see


West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA

Telephone: 01904 551556