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YorHome information for landlords

Let your home with YorHome.

We can let your home. We are an experienced letting agent and we work for landlords and anyone with a home to let, offering:

  • a full management service with a single rate for everyone
  • a hassle-free service
  • well-managed tenants ready to move in

We offer landlords:

Our full, standard management fee is just 9%. That’s 6-7% less than most other local agents.

9% pays for a fully managed service. Where we take care of everything. That's less stress and a better return for you.

We don’t charge any other fees. That could save you about £1,000 each year.

Your fifth consecutive year letting with us will be fee-free!

We can offer these low fees and this high-quality service because YorHome doesn’t operate for profit. We cover our costs and plough back any surplus into our service.

Please find out more about our unbeatable service:

YorHome management package

YorHome has a single, all-inclusive management fee of 9%. This unbeatable package offers you:

  • A full management package of 9% plus VAT
  • incentive schemes such as 12 months rent up front, and grants to improve your property
  • £500 cash bonus to landlords who sign a minimum 12 month assured shorthold tenancy
  • your 5th year of letting with us will be fee free
  • us keeping up to date with changes in legislation so you don’t have to. We’ll also help you keep your property compliant

Our full management package includes:

  • rental income advice
  • rent collection
  • inventory and property condition reports
  • routine inspections
  • dealing with property maintenance issues
  • utilities and Council Tax
  • deposit scheme
  • tenant matching
  • tenancy agreement
  • tenant change-over
  • tenant check-out
  • Recognised Brand

Contact YorHome about our current incentive schemes, subject to availability.

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Calculating and collecting rent

The homes we let must be truly affordable to meet the needs of our residents – your tenants.

To do this, we set our rents as close to the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates as possible.

When working out the rental value of your property, we assess a range of factors, including:

  • its condition
  • its location
  • local rent rates

Our tenants pay rent monthly. Your payment from us will be made every 4 weeks and you'll receive 13 payments of rent a year.

We take our 9% management fee at source from the rent we receive. The rest is paid to you.

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Our tenants

We have a ready supply of vetted and well-managed tenants for your home.

We don’t charge them upfront fees.

Some tenants are referred to us because they could be facing homelessness and need a secure home. Some are referred to us through refugee resettlement schemes.

With YorHome they’ll have a much-needed and valued home.

With YorHome you’ll have the satisfaction of helping people find the home they need.

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Deposits for YorHome rental properties

Tenants are referred to us by our Housing Options team through our refugee resettlement schemes. See further YorHome Information for tenants.

When tenants pay us the deposit for their YorHome rental property, like all reputable landlords, we put the money into a secure deposit scheme.

We're registered with the Property Redress Scheme, which holds the deposits until the end of the tenancy.

We also run a Private Rented Scheme to help new tenants find a property to rent. The scheme replaces a cash deposit with a written agreement known as a bond.

A prospective tenant must meet set criteria, including credit checks and references, in order to qualify for the scheme.

See further details of the City of York Council Private Rented Scheme.

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Landlord requirements and responsibilities

We want to rent out high quality properties that meet our agreed set of standards, and the needs of residents.

To meet these standards, you'll need to provide valid legal and compliance documents. These include:

  • proof of identity
  • proof of ownership 
  • consent from any mortgage lender to enter into a lease agreement, if applicable
  • current safety certificates, including gas and/or electrical condition reports
  • current Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • building insurance cover, the term of the lease

Gas safety certificates and buildings insurance will need to be renewed annually throughout the term of the lease.

Other advice for landlords can be found here.

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Repairs and maintenance

The landlord is responsible for all repairs at the property, unless intentional damage is caused by the tenant.

Landlord repair responsibility includes, but is not limited to:

  • general wear and tear of the property, both inside and outside
  • the structure and exterior of the building, including;
    • walls
    • stairs and bannisters
    • roof and chimney
    • external doors and windows
    • guttering

Electrical safety

The landlord is responsible for electrical safety, and must supply a current and satisfactory Electrical Installation Condition Report to their tenant.

Energy Performance Certificate

The landlord must supply a current valid EPC Certificate.

Gas checks

See details of landlord gas safety responsibilities:


The landlord is responsible for heating and hot water, sinks, baths, toilets and other sanitary fittings, including pipes and drains.

Equipment supplying water must be in safe working order.

Chimneys and ventilation

The landlord is responsible for chimneys and ventilation.

At least one smoke alarm must be placed on each habitable storey of the property used as living accommodation.

A carbon monoxide alarm must be equipped in any room used as living accommodation which contains a fixed combustion appliance.

Damp and mould

See details of how to deal with damp and mould in rented homes:

So take action and contact us today at the number below to discuss how we can let your home with YorHome.

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