My Account upgrades in 2019

If you registered for My Account before 10 January 2019 we'll soon be contacting you about our system upgrade, and asking you to reset your password as part of the process. If you have any questions about the upgrade or concerns about the legitimacy of My Account message you receive, email:

We're unable to register new My Accounts at this time. Registrations will resume after 1 March 2019 following the next step of the upgrade; we apologies for this temporary inconvenience.

To helps you register, log in and use My Account, see:

For further support contact us.

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Register for My Account

We're unable to register new My Accounts at this time. Registrations will resume after 1 March 2019 following the next step of the upgrade; we apologise for this temporary inconvenience.

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Setting up My Account

You'll need an email address to register for My Account

If you don’t have an email address visit BBC WebWise for advice on creating one; don't use a temporary email address, as My Account does not recognise these.

Once you have set up your email address you'll be able to register and validate My Account.

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My Account validation email

If you don't receive the validation email after you've registered for My Account, it may be worth checking your ‘junk' or 'spam' folders. If the validation email is not in your junk or spam folder contact us for help.

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Problems signing in to My Account

To sign in, you'll need to the details you entered when you registered for My Account, and to have clicked the activationalidation link in the message sent to your email address.

You'll be allowed 10 attempts to sign in.

If you enter the wrong details more than 10 times, you'll need to contact us to unlock your account.

If you cannot remember your password, click the reset button before your account becomes locked.

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Forgotten My Account username or password

If you are unable to remember your details, you will need to follow the reset steps by clicking the ‘forgot my password’ or ‘forgot my username’ link on the login screen.

If you have requested a password reset through the forgotten password link, it may be worth checking your ‘junk or 'spam' folder. If it’s not there, you can request the reset again.

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Change My Account details

You can change some our your details held in My Account once you've signed in, contact us for help with changing other details.

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Upgrades to My Account

Currently you can manage council tax and benefits services from My Account, as well as being able to report environmental issues.

More services will be made available in My Account in the future, such as:

  • being able to update your personal details
  • setting your contact preferences
  • reporting litter, fly tipping and graffiti problems
  • requesting bulky waste collections
  • telling us about missed bins

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Using your personal information

Any personal information you provide will be held securely and will be used in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. When you register, you'll be advised of the terms and conditions for using My Account (which you must confirm reading) before creatingegistering. Please refer to our privacy notice.

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