Contact our 'customer complaints and feedback team' to make comments, compliments, complaints and suggestions by telephone or email. Alternatively you can 'have your say' using our online form:

Make a complaint or suggestion

Dealing with your feedback and complaints

Find out about 'how was it for you?' our system for dealing with your feedback and complaints or download information about our complaints and customer feedback policy and procedures.

To help us deal with your complaint or suggestion please be specific about what you want to say. We can offer a faster response and resolution of you can and focus details such as, what, why, when, where, who is involved and briefly explain all the relevant circumstances surrounding your feedback.

All feedback will be treated fairly and given equal importance, but complaints about some services must by law follow special rules and timescales set by central Government.


A complaint is 'any expression of dissatisfaction, however made, from a member of the public about the level or nature of a council service, policy or the way in which the council's staff carry out their duties'.

Though this means you don't have to say 'I want to make a complaint' it is helpful and clearer if you do. It's your right and avoids all doubt as to how we need to record and respond to what you have to say.

A 'request for a service' that is made for the first time is not a complaint. For example if you report a street light not working we will treat it as a service request that we aim to fulfil by repairing it within 48 hours. If you then tell us we have failed to do that, then it's a complaint.

Report issues without making a complaint

Contact us via our customer centre if there's an issue you need help with, which isn't a 'complaint' about our services.

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