You can take some types of household hazardous waste to our household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) at Hazel Court HWRC and Towthorpe/Strensall HWRC.

If you have a van or trailer, you will need to apply for permits to access our HWRC sites.

Disposal of asbestos

Book an asbestos collection from your home.

You can take asbestos from your household to Hazel Court HWRC for a charge.

We cannot accept asbestos from traders. If a tradesperson has removed asbestos on your behalf, they are responsible for disposing of it safely at an appropriate site.

Please contact the Environment Agency for local disposal facilities.

Disposal of household chemicals

We also have disposal facilities at Hazel Court HWRC and Towthorpe/Strensall HWRC for:

  • household chemicals
  • paint

We cannot accept the following:

  • petrol
  • diesel
  • farming chemicals
  • industrial chemicals

Please contact us before visiting our HWRCs if you are unsure about what we will accept.

Disposal of gas canisters/fire extinguishers

You can dispose of these items at Hazel Court HWRC for a charge; please note that these items are not accepted at Towthorpe/Strensall HWRC.

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