We offer a commercial 'dry waste' collection service to most businesses in York which we can tailor to suit your individual needs.

Our service offers:

  • six days a week collections (Mondays to Saturdays)
  • evening collections
  • pre-paid trade waste collections in the city centre

You should put your waste out for collection at 5pm on your collection day, in line with your duty of care to dispose of your trade waste properly.

Applying for a commercial waste collection

To arrange a collection, contact our Commercial Waste team to discuss your requirements.

We will send you a form asking for details of:

  • the type(s) of waste you want us to collect
  • the amount of waste you produce
  • the type of container you present your waste in
  • how often you need us to collect your waste

We will begin collecting your waste once you have submitted your details and they have been approved by us. We may sometimes need to visit your site beforehand so that we can tailor our service to your needs - this is to ensure we get the job right, first time.

Commercial waste collection costs

Contact us for prices for commercial waste containers. Alternatively, use our pre-paid commercial waste bags, which we deliver directly to your business within 5 working days of your order. Call our 24-hour order line on telephone: 01904 553283, leaving your business details and quantity of bags you require (minimum order is 50 bags).

Waste bag costs include delivery, collection, disposal and operational costs:

  • £1.80 per bag (commercial rate); 50 bags = £90.00
  • £1.44 per bag (charity rate); 50 bags = £72.00

There is also an additional annual charge of £15.00 to issue your waste transfer note, payable on your first delivery.

We'll issue your invoice after your waste sacks have been delivered. You can pay your invoice in any of the following ways:

  • telephone
  • online
  • direct debit
  • cheque
  • Switch/debit card
  • Bank Giro Credit
  • Paypoint

Note: Full payment option details can be found on the reverse of your invoice.

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