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Waste and recycling

Hazel Court Household Waste Recycling Centre

Waste and charges at Hazel Court HWRC

Recycle/dispose of the following items at Hazel Court HWRC:

  • paper, cardboard, cartons
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic bottles
  • metal cans and tins
  • aluminium foil
  • hard plastics
  • textiles, clothes, shoes
  • garden waste
  • soil, turf
  • bricks, rubble, plasterboard (see our chargeable waste prices)
  • electrical equipment, fluorescent tubes, fridges, freezers
  • vapes and e-cigarettes (dispose with other small electrical equipment)
  • household batteries
  • car batteries
  • wood
  • scrap metal
  • UPVC window frames (glass removed)
  • bicycles (see our recycle and reuse A to Z)
  • car oil
  • fire extinguishers, gas bottles (see our chargeable waste prices)
  • bonded asbestos (see our chargeable waste prices)
  • chemicals, paint (household only)
  • general household waste for disposal
  • used mattresses

We can't accept:

  • paint (from commercial customers)
  • petrol
  • diesel
  • paraffin
  • pesticides and chemicals from farms or industry
  • poisons
  • tyres
  • printer cartridges

Contact us before visiting the site if you need to check which items we accept at Hazel Court HWRC.

Hazel Court HWRC charges and payments

See our chargeable waste prices which apply to dispose of certain items including:

You can only bring these items to Hazel Court HWRC - we don't accept these at Towthorpe and Strensall HWRC.

Disposing of asbestos at Hazel Court HWRC

Contact us first if you plan on bringing asbestos to Hazel Court HWRC, so we can check there's enough room in the skip. Note: There's a charge for this service - find out more about our chargeable waste prices.

We cannot accept asbestos from traders. If a tradesperson has removed asbestos on your behalf, they're responsible for disposing of it safely.

Contact the Environment Agency to find local disposal facilities.

Chargeable waste prices

See details of current chargeable waste prices at Hazel Court HWRC. Please note that chargeable materials are not accepted at Towthorpe and Strensall HWRC.

Please obtain a price from a site operative before disposing of your waste.

Payment must be made at the site by debit or credit card only. No cash or cheque payments can be accepted.

Waste type Charge
Bricks or rubble, per bag (bags should be manageable by 1 person, without assistance) £3.50
Bonded asbestos, per sheet (less than 180 centimetres by 60 centimetres) £8.50
Bonded asbestos, per sheet (more than 180 centimetres by 60 centimetres) £17.00
Bonded asbestos, per bag (able to be lifted by one person) £8.50
Plasterboard, per bag (able to be lifted by one person) £8.50
Fire extinguishers £6.00
Gas bottles, up to 10 kilograms £10.50
Gas bottles, up to 20 kilograms £17.00
Gas bottles, over 20 kilograms, or specialised £47.00

Charges for non-York residents

If you are a non-York resident you cannot use Towthorpe HWRC, but you can dispose of general rubbish only at Hazel Court HWRC for a charge of £10.00 per visit in a normal size family car.

Disposing of trade waste at Hazel Court HWRC

We accept trade waste at Hazel Court HWRC - see commercial waste disposal for further information.

Also see

Hazel Court Household Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Eco Depot, Hazel Court, York, YO10 3DS

Telephone: 01904 551550