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Digital parking permits

Our digital parking portal allows you to buy and manage parking permits (and to pay or appeal parking fines, known as 'penalty charge notices' or PCNs); see parking and permit information for residents, businesses and visitors to find out which permits we offer.

Get details of our residents' priority parking scheme, known as ResPark.

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  • Residents' priority parking scheme

    Our residents parking scheme gives priority to residents, their visitors and local businesses to park within a particular zone.
  • Parking portal help

    Our digital parking permit system allows you to manage your parking permits and penalty charge notices online.
  • Household parking permits

    You can apply for a household parking permit if you live in a house or flat within a resident parking zone.
  • Household visitor parking

    If you live in a residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zone, you can order visitor parking permits so visitors can park near your home.
  • Minster Badge permit

    A Minster badge permit gives residents parking discounts during the day and free parking after a certain time in most council car parking spaces.
  • House in multiple occupancy parking permits

    You can apply for a HMO parking permit if you live in a house in multiple occupancy property occupied by unrelated tenants, each with a self-contained, lockable room.
  • House in multiple occupancy visitor parking

    If you live in a residents' priority parking scheme zone, you are able to order visitor parking permits to allow visitors to your property to park near your home.
  • Daily property parking permits

    Daily property parking permits (also known as builders' permits) allow tradespeople carrying out work on behalf of a property owner to park a vehicle in a ResPark zone while carrying out commercial building or renovation work at an unoccupied property.
  • Guest house parking permits

    Guest houses and small hotel proprietors within ResPark zones can apply for a guest house permit which allows parking for paying guests in the resident zone where your guest house is located.
  • Landlord parking permits

    To be eligible for a landlord parking permit, you must be the landlord of a residential property (vacant or tenanted) which is located within a resident parking zone.