The local plan

The 'local Plan' is a citywide plan which helps with development control in York, it sets out the opportunities and policies on what will or will not be permitted and where, including new homes and businesses.

We are currently preparing a new Local Plan and we've published a number of 'evidence base' documents to support the preparation of the Local Plan.

How to use the local plan

Individual policies in the plan should not be interpreted in isolation - the overall plan should be regarded as one single publication, together with its associated proposals map, see how to use the Local Plan and the Local Plan user guide.

Within the local plan each policy sets out the criteria that planning applications are considered against - see a list of policies within each chapter. Each policy has a number and title that should be quoted in any correspondence relating to the Local Plan.

View the local plan and proposals maps

You can view the City of York Draft Control Local Plan Incorporating the 4th Set of Changes (April 2005) and the associated proposals maps for north York, south York and the city centre.

Please contact the Planning and Environmental Management Team if you would like to view a large scale map, request an extract of a particular area or have specific boundary enquiries.

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