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Planning and building

Local Plan Proposed Main Modifications Consultation February 2023

We're developing a new Local Plan which will replace the current Local Plan; these documents are intended to provide a development framework for the whole city, forming the basis for planning decisions.

The Local Plan Examination hearing sessions closed in September 2022. Following this, the council has asked the Local Plan Inspectors to recommend a number of changes to the submitted Plan in order to make the Plan sound. These are known as Main Modifications.

Local Plan Proposed Main Modifications Consultation next steps

Officers have compiled all of the consultation responses received to Main Modifications consultation; these have been provided to the Local Plan Inspectors.

Redacted copies of the  consultation responses will be made available to view online, and at West Offices.

The Inspector will consider all the representations made on the proposed main modifications before finalising the examination report and the schedule of recommended main modifications. Further hearing sessions will not usually be held, unless the Inspector considers them essential to deal with substantial issues raised in the representations, or to ensure fairness.

Background to the consultation

Our new Local Plan is currently in the process of examination by independent Planning Inspectors following submission to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government in May 2018. This includes the submitted Local Plan and policies maps:

Following instruction from our Inspectors, we held the following modifications consultations:

Updates on progress of the Local Plan Examination were given to the Local Plan Working Group:

Keep up-to-date with overall progress of the New Local Plan Examination.

The new Local Plan will eventually replace the current Local Plan approved for development management purposes in 2005.

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