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A 'Local Plan' sets strategic priorities for the whole city, forms the basis for planning decisions and must be reviewed at regular intervals to keep it up to date.

We will be taking a report to our Local Plan Working Group on 23 January 2017 followed by Executive on 26 January 2017, regarding the land in York identified for release by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the potential implications of this for the new Local Plan.

Local Plan Preferred Sites Consultation (2016)

We have received a number of responses to the Preferred Sites Consultation, which will feed into the preparation of York's Local Plan.

If you submitted a response to the Preferred Sites Consultation, you can now view your consultation response in full via our website. A summary of all responses will be made available in due course.

We consulted on the Local Plan Preferred Sites document (2016) and supporting evidence as approved by our Executive Members between 18 July and 12 September 2016.

The Local Plan Preferred Sites Consultation drew upon previous work undertaken for the Local Plan and sets out the revised housing and employment demand, as well as the supply of sites we have identified to meet this need.

The need for a new Local Plan

In 2005 a draft Local Plan document was approved for Development Management purposes to inform planning decisions.

We are currently working towards a new Local Plan that is fully compliant with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and other relevant statutes.

If we don’t adopt an up to date Local Plan, development will still happen, but decisions will be taken in regard to the National Planning Policy Framework without local people having a say on setting local policies. You can view our Local Plan frequently asked questions for further information.

Progress on the new Local Plan

Preparations so far have included:

A motion was submitted to Full Council in October 2014, which halted proceeding to the Publication Draft consultation whilst further work was undertaken.

You can keep up to date with future reports when they become available by viewing our Local Plan Working Group agendas page. You can also contact us if you would like to be notified about future Local Plan consultations.

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