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Repairs to council housing communal areas and facilities

Repairs to council housing communal areas

We carry out estate walkabouts every 3 months to ensure that communal areas are clean and safe.

Most estates also have an Estate Worker who aims to keep communal areas clean and tidy and report any repairs.

For more information, contact your Housing Management Officer. Please note you can also report repairs for communal areas.

Repairing communal lights

If communal lights are not working let the Housing Repairs Team know. We repair internal communal lights the same day the problem is reported if it causes a safety concern. We also repair internal communal lights which are not a safety concern, and all external lights at our nearest available appointment time.

The communal lights contain solar clocks so they automatically adjust to standard daylight hours. If they are not coming on or going off at the right time, please let the Housing Repairs Team know.

We also check and service all communal lights each year. Wherever possible, we use low energy bulbs.

Repairs to door entry telephones

If your entry-phone system is not working, report it straight away. We will repair it within 3 working days.

If your block doesn't have a door entry system and you would like one, please contact your local Residents' Association or Housing Management Officer.

Communal TV aerial repairs

If you are having a problem with your TV reception, find out if your neighbours are having the same problem. If you think the fault is with the communal TV aerial, contact the Housing Repairs Team.

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