Planning and building

What we're doing to tackle climate change

Since 2008 we have been using less energy to save money, cut carbon emissions and help tackle climate change, we've done this by:

  • installing technology to help control energy usage in buildings
  • heating buildings with biomass fuel, which creates lower carbon emissions than traditional fuels such as gas
  • replacing ageing street lighting units with more efficient examples
  • generating renewable energy across our estate, including the use of solar panels at West Offices

One ongoing energy saving programme will deliver over a £1million of savings over the lifetime of the technologies installed.

Our greenhouse gas emissions

View our annual greenhouse gas emissions inventory report is available.

The report includes the significant greenhouse gasses:

  • carbon dioxide
  • methane
  • nitrous oxide which are expressed as CO2 equivalents

'CO2 equivalents' are a measure describing how much global warming a type and amount of greenhouse gas may cause, expressed using the 'equivalent amount' (or concentration) of CO2 as the reference.