You don't need to apply for assistance with school uniform, as we identify pupils who are eligible for this in June each year.

Eligibility for assistance with school uniform

Assistance is available to pupils starting years 7 to 10 who are entitled to receive free school meals at non-academy schools. If you have a child who attends an academy school, you should contact your child's school in May of each year asking what assistance may be available to you.

Assistance with school uniform costs is only provided once per year; however, you may be entitled to further assistance in exceptional circumstances.

For further information, contact School Services.

Amount of assistance available

In 2018, we provided assistance in the form of vouchers for each eligible pupil.

The value of vouchers were:

  • £70.00 for pupils starting Year 7
  • £40.00 for pupils starting Years 8, 9, or 10

You can redeem vouchers against the cost of school uniforms through the school uniform supplier for each school.

Information for school uniform suppliers

If you are a school uniform supplier, see our guidelines for accepting school uniform assistance vouchers.

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