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Draft Local Transport Strategy

The Local Transport Strategy will set out a decade of ambitions for York’s transport network and infrastructure.

The Draft Local Transport Strategy consultation has been approved by Executive:

This follows the extensive Our Big Conversation programme of engagement throughout 2021 and 2022, which asked residents, businesses and communities for their thoughts on what they want York to look like in 10 years, as well as data analysis and modelling undertaken for the Local Plan Examination in Public in 2022, and for the Climate Change Strategy.

This produced thousands of comments, which have been represented in the final strategies adopted in December 2022, including the:

The Draft Local Transport Strategy is focused on 5 major challenges:

  • reaching net zero by 2030
  • strengthening the economy post-COVID-19
  • improving the health and wellbeing of residents
  • accommodating the growth set out in the Local Plan
  • addressing the existing shortcomings with transport in York as identified in Our Big Conversation

The Draft Local Transport Strategy is rooted in the wider city strategies and their ambitions, and proposes to make a number of interventions to achieve a reduction of 71% in York’s transport carbon emissions, which York’s Climate Change Strategy requires to reach net zero by 2030.

In Spring 2023 we'll be asking everyone who lives, works, visits and commutes to York to tell us what they think.

For now, we're helping people understand more about the key themes of the Draft Local Transport Strategy by running a series of webinars.

See more information about Our Big Transport Conversation.

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