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York 2032: The 10-Year Plan

We faced considerable challenges from 2020 to 2022, with worldwide impacts which had local implications for our residents, businesses, and visitors to the city. Our response as a council has needed a strong partnership approach with a wide range of other organisations.

Throughout 2022 we saw the relaxation of measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but new challenges - in particular the rising cost of living - continue to affect residents and businesses.

We need to work together across the city, against this set of past and present challenges, and will:

  • adapt to regional opportunities
  • learn and build on our response to the pandemic
  • consider how best to enhance our way of life
  • reshape the economy post-Brexit and COVID-19
  • mitigate the ongoing effects of climate change to achieve net zero carbon by 2030
  • tackle inequalities across the city

We have collaborated with city partners to co-produce a 10-Year City Plan. The Plan draws on an extensive 18-month programme of resident, business and stakeholder engagement, together with public scrutiny and decision sessions that informed the development of the 3 10-Year Strategies considered by Executive in November 2022.

The plan sets out a broad vision for the city, a set of shared priorities, goals and actions, together with actions the city partners have committed to deliver together.

The 10-Year Plan is comprised of:

  • an overarching vision with agreed priorities for the decade ahead
  • 5 pledges city partners have made to confirm how they will work together to deliver the vision
  • actions, which city partners will work on together

It is anticipated that although the actions might change, the priorities will remain constant.

The goals in York 2032: The 10-Year Plan are those of the 10-Year Strategies, set against the priorities in the Plan.

The Plan is the starting point and is not fixed. The Plan will continue to evolve as the city comes together to agree what we want the future of York to look like. It sets out how York will respond to challenges, influence strategy, policy and investment decisions and unites the council, institutions and communities through a shared direction and goals.

Executive approved the York 2032 10-Year Plan in December 2022, and the council approved it later the same day:

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