Our local elections to appoint City of York councillors are held on a 4 year cycle; see the most recent local election results from Thursday 2 May 2019.

You can also see other recent election results for York.

Local elections and by-elections

Local elections are held every 4 years, and are used to elect councillors to represent each one of York's wards on the City of York Council.

By-elections are use to elect a councillor in a single ward, whenever a position becomes available, for example when a councillor resigns or dies.

Once elected, councillors are involved with setting policies that impact on their ward and across York. Councillors take part in the decision making process through their involvement in 'Full Council', committee meetings and board meetings.

Find out more about council committees.

Parliamentary or 'general' elections

The last general election was held in June 2017, the next is scheduled for 2022.

A general election is used to vote for Members of Parliament (MP) to represent York in the House of Commons, at the UK Parliament in Westminster, London. The UK is split into constituencies, and each constituency votes for an MP to represent them, using the 'first past the post' system.

There are two parliamentary constituencies for City of York Council:

  • York Central
  • York Outer

Voting in elections

Get information on:

Election information for candidates

Get election information for candidates (and potential candidates) if you would like to be elected as a member of City of York Council, and find out how to view a copy of the register of electors to check electoral numbers for proposers, seconders or assentors to the nomination form.

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