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Taking action on climate change

You can take action to save money and help tackle climate change!

Save Energy

There are ways to use less energy and save money while cutting carbon emissions, such as:

  • turning off appliances when not in use, which could save you £45 to £80 a year
  • installing cavity wall insulation, which could save you £145 a year
  • double glazing your home, which could save you £90 to £120 a year

(Source Energy Saving Trust)

See more information about energy efficiency in homes.

Get paid to generate your own energy

The government will pay you to generate electricity through its 'Feed in Tariff' incentive scheme when you install certain types of renewable energy technologies, such as solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and small wind turbines.

You also get to use the free energy you generate in your home, plus the government will pay you for any electricity you don’t use and send back to the national grid.

Recently, the government also introduced the 'Renewable Heat Incentive' which pays you when you generate renewable heat from certain technologies, such as ground source heat pumps or solar hot water panels.

See the Energy Saving Trust's website for more information.

Community action

Communities can tackle climate change, with action such as:

  • setting up a local food growing scheme
  • holding energy saving awareness days
  • promoting energy efficiency in homes and energy switching schemes
  • establishing renewable energy projects and generating income for the community
  • creating a wildflower meadow
  • setting up lift share clubs or promote local public transport
  • holding regular walks or cycles

For ideas and guidance on how to get started email

Business efficiency savings

Businesses can save money through using energy and water wisely, and by creating less waste.

Research by DEFRA in 2011 found that UK businesses could save £23bn a year, just through small scale investments which help them use energy, water and raw materials more efficiently, and pay for themselves within a year.

The Resource Efficiency Fund for small and medium size enterprises officers free advice, information and support and capital grants of up to £10,000 per business for those seeking to make their resources go further.

Contact the Economic Growth Team's Business Managers for information on businesses saving money and improving their 'green credentials'.

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