York’s city centre is surrounded by historic walls; they are a major feature of the city’s historic environment and civic identity.

With significant remains of all principal periods of their development, the city walls make visible over 2,000 years of urban change in York.

You can visit the City Walls walkway, an elevated circular route around the city, which can be accessed on foot, for free, throughout the year.

To find out more about how York’s City Walls have been used and understood over time, explore York’s Historic Environment Record.

City Walls events and attractions

The Friends of York Walls provide an online guide to York's City Walls and open Fishergate Postern Tower to the public on select days throughout the year. The Friends of York Walls also run the York Walls Festival.

Other attractions include:

Caring for the City Walls

City of York Council are responsible for caring for, and making accessible, the City Walls - this work is guided by a Conservation Management Plan.

Filming and events on the City Walls

If you'd like to film on the City Walls, or arrange an event, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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