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Local Plan Hearing Statements: Spatial Distribution

The core documents and supporting evidence used to inform the production of the City of York Local Plan up to its submission to the Secretary of State may be viewed at Local Plan Examination.


The Housing Strategy - Spatial Distribution

Phase 1 Hearing Statements: Matter 2


This lists the documents, statements and other relevant correspondence issued after the submission of the City of York Local Plan to the Secretary of State on 25 May 2018. This library will be updated by all material issued by the Inspector, City of York Council and other parties throughout the examination process.


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Document reference Key evidence and supporting documentation Date added
EX/HS/M2/SD/0 City of York Council 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/1 Historic England 29 November 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/2 Lovell 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/3 Banks Property 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/4 Barratt and David Wilson Homes 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/5 Harrison 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/6 Fulford and Heslington Parish Councils 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/7 KCS 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/8 Redrow Homes/Glover 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/9 Taylor Wimpey (JM) 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/10 Pilcher Homes 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/11 L and Q Estates (CJ) 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/12 Karbon Homes 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/13 Shepherd Group 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/14 Linden Homes 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/15 Fields (ST7) 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/16 Fields (ST14) 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/17 Langwith Development Partnership 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/18 Sturdy 2 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/19 Galtres Garden Village 3 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/20 Bellway Homes 3 December 2019
EX/HS/M2/SD/21 Gladman 5 December 2019

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