Consultation on 'proposed modifications' to the Local Plan

As part of the new Local Plan examination independent examiners, appointed by the Government, have asked for a consultation to gather your views on 'proposed modifications' to the Local Plan we've submitted.

We're gathering your feedback and asking whether you think the proposed modifications will make the Local Plan legally compliant and ‘sound’ - to provide feedback take part in the Local Plan proposed modifications consultation, between 10 June 2019 and 22 July 2019.

We submitted the City of York (new) Local Plan to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government on Friday 25 May 2018 for independent examination.

Those who made representations at Regulation 18 stage will be notified that the Plan has been submitted and will be informed that all the documents prescribed by the Regulations have been listed and made available.

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Local Plan Submission documents

The documents can be accessed online electronically at our Customer Centre and libraries, and in hard copy on request.

New Local Plan next steps

Submission of the Local Plan marks the beginning of a public examination process. Independent Planning Inspectors have been appointed to carry out an independent examination of the Local Plan and Policies Maps and determine whether they are sound, legally compliant and fulfil the duty to co-operate.

New Local Plan Independent Programme Officer

We have appointed an independent Programme Officer, Carole Crookes, to assist the independent Inspector through the examination. Carole will be responsible for all procedural matters relating to the examination, and all future correspondence with respondents to the Local Plan regarding the independent examination will be through her.

This is a continuous process running from the date of submission through to when we receive the appointed Planning Inspector’s Report. Part of this process will involve hearing sessions where attendees will have the opportunity to respond to matters raised by the appointed Planning Inspector. The submission of further written material to the examination will be determined by the Inspector.

Once confirmed, all details relating to the examination process will be advertised, made available online and sent to all respondents.

View the latest updates and progress via our independent examination page.

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