All updates about the Local Plan Examination process, timetable and other relevant information will be made available below.

Our Programme Officer

Contact our Programme Officer, Carole Crookes (Independent Programme Officer Solutions) via email: or telephone: 07397 909822.

You can also write to her at:

Independent Programme Officer Solutions, 9 Chestnut Walk, Silcoates Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 0TX.

Key information for the Local Plan Examination

Inspector Simon Berkeley (BA MA MRTPI) and Inspector Andrew McCormack (BSc(Hons) MRTPI) have been appointed by the Planning Inspectorate to conduct the examination into the City of York Local Plan to determine whether it is sound.

Examination news and updates

Correspondence and updates relating to the examination can be viewed as follows:

  • 14 January 2019: An initial letter [EX/INS/3] has been sent out to everyone who made a representation at the Pre-Publication stage. The Inspectors have decided that a phased approach will be taken to the hearings and that the first phase of hearings will deal with the Duty to Cooperate, the OAN and matters relating to Green Belt principle. It is anticipated that the initial hearings will be held in March 2019. However, it is stressed that this is merely anticipated and not yet finalised.

In order to assist in preparing the draft hearings programme, representors must confirm no later than Friday 25 January 2019 whether or not they wish to take part in any of the hearings (not just the first phase)

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