The City Walls

Friends of York Walls provide the online guide York's City Walls Trail which covers:

  • location of the walls
  • how to access the walls
  • maps and pictures

Please note that no dogs are allowed on the City Walls, except for assistance dogs.

Map of the City Walls

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Opening times for the City Walls

The points where you can access the City Walls are opened daily at 8.00am and closed at 'dusk' (see closing times for the City Walls).

Note that the walls will not be opened:

  • on 25 December
  • if a 7.00am inspection determines a risk of icy or slippery conditions

In icy or slippery conditions, a second inspection may be carried out at 11.00am and we may decide to open the walls at this time, if possible.

Closing times for the City Walls

The points where you can access the City Walls are closed daily at 'dusk'. The process takes about 1 hour. We travel in an anti-clockwise direction, locking the access points as we pass, starting from Fishergate Bar at the following times:

  • January: 3.30pm
  • February: 4.30pm
  • March: (up to the clocks changing): 5.30pm
  • March: (after clocks have changed) and April: 7.30pm
  • May: 8.00pm
  • June and July: 9.00pm
  • August: 8.00pm
  • September (start to mid): 7.00pm
  • September (mid to end): 6.00pm
  • October (up to the clocks changing): 5.00pm
  • October (after clocks have changed): 3.30pm
  • November and December: 3.30pm

City Wall updates

Check our twitter and facebook pages for up-to-date information on the City Walls; we'll post details during office hours (weekdays 8.30am to 5.30pm) if the City Walls (or part of them) are not open at the usual times.

Alternatively, you can check in person, on the day of your visit via Visit York (visitor information centre), located at 1 Museum Street, York, YO1 7DT.

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