The City Walls

If you would like to know more about the City Walls History, please download the History of the city walls.

Walking the walls

The Friends of York Walls provide an online guide called 'York's City Walls Trail' which has lots of information about the location of the walls and where to access them, including useful maps and pictures.

Opening times

The points were you can access the walls will be opened and closed daily. You can walk the walls from 8.00am to 'dusk'; we've provided approximate closing times listed below.

Please note the walls will not be opened:

  • when there is a risk of ice, resulting in slippery conditions
  • on 25 December

Closing times

These are the times when the closing process starts beginning at Fishergate Postern, travelling anti-clockwise. The process takes about one hour.

  • January - 3.30pm
  • February - 4.30pm
  • March (up to the clocks changing) - 5.30pm
  • March (after clocks changed) and April - 7.30pm
  • May - 8.00pm
  • June to July - 9.00pm
  • August - 8.00pm
  • September (start to mid) - 7.00pm
  • September (mid to end) - 6.00pm
  • October (up to the clocks changing) - 5.00pm
  • October (after clocks changed), November and December - 3.30pm

Please note that the only dogs allowed on the city walls are guide dogs for the blind or hearing dogs for deaf people.

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