If you are a supplier/retailer who accepts school uniform assistance vouchers issued by us, you should be aware of the following guidelines when processing these vouchers.

You should:

  • only accept vouchers if you are the supplier stated on the voucher
  • not accept the voucher after the stated expiry date
  • not issue change from a voucher
  • ensure any excess is paid by the bearer
  • contact us immediately if you doubt a voucher's authenticity (note: all vouchers are authenticated by signature and unique voucher number)
  • quote the voucher number and pupil name on all communications and documents
  • contact the school stated on the voucher to arrange payment
  • retain the voucher

These instructions are also stated on each voucher for your convenience.

If you are a taxable business as defined by the Finance Act 1972, you should issue a tax invoice to the school for all taxable supplies and services, quoting your registration number.

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