The Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is additional funding to support pupils; it is payable to the current school of all children who are currently registered as eligible to receive free school meals due to their family income, or have been at any point in the last 6 years.

The amount the school gets depends on whether your child attends primary or secondary school:

  • £1,320 per pupil at primary school
  • £935 per pupil at secondary school

Additional information

Even if you would not like your child to have a free school meal on a regular basis, or even at all, we still ask that you apply for free school meals and the pupil premium as the additional funding will benefit your child's school, in addition to enabling your child to take up a free school meal any day they choose.

Other premiums

There are also other types of pupil premium that cannot be applied for directly. These are:

  • £300 per pupil for the children of service (military) families
  • £1900 per pupil for children who are currently 'looked after' by a Local Authority, or those that have been adopted from care

You can contact your child's school directly to check if they are receiving one of these other premiums.

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