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Our Health Trainers are changing people’s lives, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of your shared experiences.

Nicky's Health Story

"I joined the Health Trainers because I thought I could benefit from better nutrition and small weight loss to aid my marathon training.

At the start of the journey I listed weight loss as an area to improve, when it actually transpired it’s not the weight loss I wanted it’s the good nutrition, fuelling my body well for running, eating well and balancing my diet that makes me feel amazing!

"I weighed the same at the start and end of the sessions but feel fitter, stronger and very comfortable in my own skin.

"I also consume less alcohol and binge less on a weekend as I let myself have things I fancy during the week. I find myself not drinking some weekends and when I do go out I can be quite happy with just a few drinks now and don’t feel the need to go in rounds or keep up with people and I feel really powerful for this.

"I meal plan better and we tend to go food shopping every week even just for fresh vegetables, fruit and bread to make sure we have proper meals in so less likely to snack for the sake of it.

"Just to thank you again for this service and I’m really grateful of the support."

Emma's Health Story

"Having a Health Trainer has enabled me to feel better both mentally and physically.

I was sceptical at first that it would make any difference, but it has. My trainer was brilliant in that she didn’t make me feel judged or as though she was lecturing me.

"It was good that how often we met was flexible too, as we switched from fortnightly to monthly after a few sessions to give me a bit more time to achieve goals and try things out."

Glenn's Health Story

"I joined the Health Trainer service because I struggle with knowing what sorts of foods are good to help me lose weight and this service offered the information to help me.

It was emotionally difficult for me, but the service is brilliant.

"You don’t feel pressured to conform, it’s centred around you and not a set of prescribed goals set by someone else."

Mike's Health Story

"I joined the Health Trainer service because I was dieting and thought the programme might help me diet more effectively. It’s given me a greater understanding of portion size, which has aided my weight loss."

Elizabeth's Health Story

"I joined Health Trainers because I'd put on weight during the pandemic and was struggling to shift it.

My biggest achievement has been feeling more active and confident about meal planning.

"At first becoming more active was a challenge as coronavirus had left me with fatigue and joint pain. Getting the links for the various exercise classes I could access at home meant I could take things at my own pace.

"Changes to my lifestyle include that I'm now more active and I also consider what I eat more – no more chocolate!"

Catherine's Health Story

"I joined Health Trainers because I'd gained a considerable amount of weight during lockdown and needed some help and support to stop the negative cycle.

My biggest achievement has been regaining control of my eating habits.

"The biggest challenge for me was that my relationship with food is always difficult but having the time set aside on a regular basis helped me have time and space to reflect on this.

"I've regained control of my diet and Beth (Health Trainer) really helped me put a stop to a negative cycle of weight gain... There was no judgement, every session was positive and gave practical, actionable next steps."

Deborah's Health Story

"I joined Health Trainers because the pandemic meant I was smoking more so I joined the service as I knew I couldn't stop smoking on my own. I also needed the extra support.

I’ve achieved something I've not been able to for the past 4 years! Quitting has paid for a holiday, which I booked with money saved. I’ve not had a single cigarette since quitting and I’ve been out around smokers without reaching for a cigarette. My friends can’t believe I’ve quit and stuck to it!

"After evening meals was most challenging as I would always have a cigarette then, but using the lozenges and talking through with Beth (Health Trainer) how I could change my routine and distract myself helped with this.

"Not smoking has been a huge change to my lifestyle and means I'm able to focus on my diet and exercise easier now, as I could not focus on changing anything else until I had stopped smoking. It consumed me. I plan on staying quit forever!"

Mike's Health Story

"I was already dieting but I joined Health Trainers because I thought the programme might help me diet more effectively.

My biggest achievement is that I now have a greater understanding and control of portion size.

"I completed a food diary, which confirmed that I ate pretty healthily and helped to control portion sizes.

"Reducing the size of my portions was a challenge, but I’ve started to weigh my food to get a better idea of how much I needed to eat."

Tina and Claire's Health Story

Mum and daughter Tina and Claire couldn't believe how much money they saved by quitting. They both used their local Stop Smoking service to go 'smoke free'.

Tina says:

''I can't believe the money I have saved - I've used it to join a gym to get fit. I'm able to do more exercise because I can breathe more easily, it feels great!"

Tina, 49, had been smoking for 30 years before she quit. She had gone through a period of ill-health shortly before she took the decision to quit, and had been using nicotine replacement therapy. Claire decided to quit as well, helping to support her mum - and they did it together by seeing an expert adviser from their local Stop Smoking service. Their adviser helped them figure out the best treatment to suit each of them individually.

If you think we could help you to feel happier and healthier by making health or lifestyle changes, our health professionals are encouraging you to get in touch and sign up today!

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