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Guidance for owners of holiday lets

Managing your guests

Visitors to holiday lets can affect living conditions of nearby residents. Guests may behave differently on holiday than they would at their own home, with less regard for those in neighbouring properties.

If you own or manage a holiday let in York, you're responsible for ensuring that your property doesn't cause any nuisance (relating to things like noise, parking, waste disposal) to nearby residents.

Parking for holiday let users

Depending on where your holiday let, or Airbnb property is in York, you may need a business parking permit for your guests to park.

Managing noise

We provide information for residents on holiday let noise nuisance, and how we deal with noise problems.

If regular noise problems occur at your short-term let property you could be served with a Noise Abatement Notice, requiring you to take action to prevent it happening again.

A breach of the Noise Abatement Notice can result in prosecution in a Magistrate’s Court and a fine of up to £20,000.

You could consider collecting a ‘damage’ deposit that can be withheld in the event of any complaints in relation to noise, in addition to damage to the property itself. This can help to deter unruly noise.

In addition, you should provide your contact details to all neighbours of the holiday let, so they can report any noise or anti-social behaviour to you. This should include a 24-hour contact telephone number, and we recommend that any such complaints are dealt with promptly and responsibly.

You should provide guests with clear guidance and advice, including how to manage noise.

Your advice should:

  • provide visitors with a list of instructions and rules at the time of booking, to ensure visitors are safe, and that anti-social behaviour and disruption to neighbours is kept to an absolute minimum
  • make clear that playing music and making noise should be kept within reasonable limits, in particular after 11.00pm
  • ensure that a set of written guidelines are clearly visible within the property for the guests
  • provide an up to date set of your or your agent’s contact details

Also see

Public Protection Team

Eco Depot, Hazel Court, York, YO10 3DS

Telephone: 01904 551525

Noise Patrol

Out of hours noise complaints only; Friday and Saturday, from 9.00pm to 2.30am.

Telephone: 01904 551555