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Guidance for owners of holiday lets

Leaseholders of council properties

If you are the leaseholder of a former council flat, you are not permitted to rent the property out as a holiday let. The only permitted use is as a single private dwelling.

This is partly to ensure that neighbours are considerate and don’t create a nuisance. In addition, letting an apartment or flat might invalidate the building's insurance policy maintained by the council, to which leaseholders contribute through service charges.

If you let a former council flat as a holiday let (for whatever duration, and however infrequently), the council may take action with you as the leaseholder.

Leaseholders can find further information in their leasehold agreement with the council.

For other properties leased from the council, refer to the lease agreement you have with the council or for further information, please email:

If you have concerns that a former council flat is being used other than as a single private dwelling, please email:

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