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Council tax

Understanding council tax charges

Council tax charges are determined by our expected expenditure and our required savings for the current financial year (2023 to 2024, through the council budget.

Our gross expenditure for the current financial year is £549.489 million (an increase from £462.424 million in 2022 to 2023), it's broken down as follows:

Areas of expenditure (excluding Benefits and Schools) Pence in the pound
Adult Care 40
Children, Young people and Education 22
Culture and Leisure 4
Environment, Waste and Regulatory Services 10
Housing and Homelessness 2
Transport, Highways and Planning 6
Supporting Capital Investment 16

This is a difficult financial time for councils across the country. Despite ongoing pressures and national fiscal uncertainty, we're taking a firm stance with our 2023 to 2024 Budget, focused around caring for York, whilst making savings and efficiencies where we can.

This means caring for residents and communities, including the most vulnerable and protecting frontline services; caring for the economy, including businesses hit the hardest by the pandemic; and caring for York’s environment by continuing to address the climate emergency.

Annual council tax changes

In total the amount collected through council tax will rise this year by 4.99%. This will be made up of changes to the government Adult Social Care Precept, as well as the basic council tax rate:

  • the government Adult Social Care Precept will be set at 2%
  • there will be a 2.99% increase in basic council tax

The amount raised though council tax charges this year will be £107.783 million (an increase from £102.043 million in 2022 to 2023).

We’re raising an additional £927,441 from charges in Parish Council areas (an increase from £866,000 in 2022 to 2023).

The Adult Social Care Precept will be spent exclusively on adult social care. York continues to face increased pressures including the costs of adult social care.

Police and fire precepts, which contribute towards the costs of emergency services in our area, will also have an impact on council tax. The level of the police and fire precept charge varies according to the charges in Parish Council areas.

Your council tax payments

If you’re struggling with your council tax payments, you can spread the cost of your bill over 12 months rather than 10.

See further information about your council tax, or find out if you're eligible for any council tax discounts or exemptions.

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