The Sheriff of York Mrs Verna Campbell and Sheriff's Consort, Prof. Colin Cambell

The Sheriff of York for the civic year 2018 to 2019 is Mrs Verna Campbell, pictured here with the Sheriff’s Consort, Prof. Colin Campbell.

Verna was born in Birmingham and moved to York when her husband became a lecturer at the university.

Verna was a teacher and head of a primary school in York until her retirement in 2003. She subsequently acted as an educational performance management adviser. She is currently vice-chair of governors at a York school as well as chair of its staffing and curriculum committees.

She has also been active in Fulford, serving as Chair of the Parish Council, Chair of Fulford Show and Treasurer and Secretary of Fulford in Bloom. Verna became a member of York Civic trust because she cares about York’s heritage and future and is now on the Board. She is Chair of its Education committee and introduced the annual Primary and Secondary Public Speaking Competitions, the aim of which is to encourage the young people of York to be aware of the culture and history of their city.

She is supported in her role as Sheriff by her consort, Prof. Colin Campbell.

The Sheriff's role and duties

Together with the current Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Keith Orrell, Verna may:

  • attend at ceremonial occasions
  • welcome international visitors
  • attend events organised by local people and community groups

The Lord Mayor's and Sheriff's Charities will be promoted and supported by Verna and Keith throughout the Civic Year as part of their civic duties.

The Civic Party welcome invitations to attend public events. Complete our online form to invite the Lord Mayor and Civic Party to your event.

The Civic Party for 2018/19 is:

  • The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Keith Orrell
  • Lady Mayoress, Mrs Judith Orrell
  • Sheriff of York, Mrs Verna Campbell
  • Sheriff’s Consort, Prof. Colin Campbell

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