Use our eForms to report neighbourhood problems online.

Issues with street furniture

Report a problem with street furniture

Such as:

  • damaged or faulty non-illuminated bollard
  • damaged or missing pedestrian guardrail or fence
  • damaged or missing street name plate
  • missing or stolen street furniture, paving slabs or manhole covers

Issues with roads or pavements

Report a problem with a road or pavement

Such as:

  • damage to a pavement
  • cracks and potholes
  • faded road markings
  • damaged or dangerous manhole cover
  • trip hazards, such as uneven paving slabs or road surface
  • missing kerb stones


We grit roads to keep traffic moving safely during winter. Unfortunately the combination of grit and very wet, cold weather can cause damage to road surfaces and potholes appear.

When you report a pothole we inspect each one within 4 days (or within 2 hours in emergencies). If necessary, we'll carry out a repair within 20 days, taking into account how much the road or path is used, and the risk of damage to people or vehicles. Sometimes, we'll use a temporary repair before we provide a more permanent solution.

Issues with street cleanliness

Report a problem with street cleanliness

Such as:

  • litter
  • glass
  • spilled paint or oil

Issues with street lights and traffic lights

Report a problem with street lights

Such as:

  • bulbs being out
  • damage to lamp posts
  • faults with floodlights on city walls

You can also report a problem with a crossing or traffic signal.

Compensation for damage or injury

Find out how to make an insurance claim against us when a street, road or pavement problem has caused damage or injury, and you want us to consider paying compensation.

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