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Streets, roads and pavements

Highway Maintenance Policy

Our Highway Maintenance Team manages a range of budgets to ensure the effective maintenance of:

  • highways
  • footways
  • all associated highway assets

National highway maintenance policy sets out the approaches that we should follow in our role as a Highway Authority. We determine a local interpretation of the national policy to ensure that our budgets are effectively spent.

Our highway maintenance policy is informed by our Transport Asset Management Plan.

Our approach to highway maintenance is summarised in our Highway Asset Management Review policy.

Our updated highway maintenance and street lighting policies were approved by the council's Executive in 2015; view the Executive committee agenda, decisions and minutes from the session held on 24 September 2015.

Highways Maintenance Communications Strategy

We need to ensure effective communication to road users so they understand that the short-term disruption which occurs due to roadworks will deliver an improved highway network in the longer term.

View our Highway Maintenance Communication Strategy.

Highways Maintenance Performance Management Framework

So that we can ensure that our approach is efficient and effective we:

  • carefully monitor our systems
  • use a range of reporting and performance management systems
  • measure the effectiveness of our highway maintenance work
  • adapt our approach to the maintenance works we carry out

View our Highway Maintenance Performance Management Framework, which illustrates our approach to performance management.

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