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Planned highways works

The selection of roads where planned highways works are required is based on a full detailed video survey of the entire roads network.

We grade road surfaces based on their condition, graded from 1 (as new) to 5 (structurally impaired). Results are then analysed and, where feasible, grouped together into likely roadworks schemes.

The schemes are then scored and ranked considering criteria such as:

  • grade 4 and 5 condition
  • proximity to hospitals or GPs
  • proximity to schools
  • proximity to leisure and health facilities
  • business population density
  • residential population density
  • bus frequency
  • locality to city centre

Feedback may also be sought from highways safety inspectors and consideration given to places with large amounts of insurance claims.

Further surveys relating to the skid resistance are also undertaken, the results of which feed into the Surface Dressing Programme. These surveys are undertaken on the entire classified network (A,B, and C roads), and analysis based on national guidance, with particular emphasis on areas such as:

  • junctions
  • intersections
  • crossings

Works detailed here do not have scheduled dates. Consultation letters will be delivered to residents on all streets affected prior to start of any works in your area.

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