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Your council

Insurance claims

Complete an insurance claim form if you've experienced damage or injury, and you want us to consider paying compensation.

Return your form to our Insurance and Risk Management Team along with any supporting evidence you have, such as photographs and/or repair estimates. Alternatively, email or write to us giving as much detail as possible about what has happened, including:

  • your full name and address
  • the exact date of the incident
  • exact location details, include photographs and a sketch plan if possible
  • a brief summary of the circumstances
  • the reason you think the council is at fault
  • your signature or the signature of your nominated representative
  • a minimum of two estimates for the replacement or repair of any property damaged

Our insurance cover

We hold both Public Liability insurance cover and Employer's Liability insurance cover, as detailed below:

Insurer: Zurich Municipal Insurance
Zurich House
2 Gladiator Way
GU14 6GB

Policy number: QLA-03U002-0033
Portal ID: C00108
Indemnity limits: £20,000,000 (Public Liability), £20,000,000 (Employer's Liability)

Compensation claims

If you make a claim against us:

  • there is no automatic right to compensation
  • we will not always be liable to compensate (events often occur that are not due to any negligence)
  • negligence has to be established for any claim to succeed
  • you may seek independent legal advice at any stage

Insurance fraud prevention

In order to protect public funds, we may use the information you provide in relation to your claim, to prevent and detect fraud. This information may also be shared with other departments and relevant external bodies for the same purposes.

Risk Management Policy

Our Risk Management Policy and Strategy aims to provide a better understanding of risk, and outlines our risk management strategy.

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Insurance and Risk Management

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