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Planning and building

Our City Centre York

Our City Centre Vision

At a Council Executive meeting on 12 October 2023 the Executive recommitted to the Our City Centre Vision, with a few changes to reflect our new Council Plan Priorities - One City For All.

At the meeting it was agreed that the updated themes are:

"A vibrant city centre, which a wide range of people want to spend time in across the day and night, will create the right conditions for responsive businesses to grow and adapt, for city living to develop, and for cultural and social activity to flourish."

  1. Family friendly and affordable city centre
  2. An attractive, active and healthy city centre
  3. A sustainable city fit for the future
  4. Making tourism work for York
  5. Embracing our riversides
  6. A safe city centre which is welcoming and accessible to all
  7. Thriving businesses and productive buildings
  8. Celebrating heritage and making modern history

We'll are working with partners to draw up a delivery plan to make this vision a reality.

The Our City Centre Vision (previously My City Centre Vision) for York sets out a plan to help make sure the city centre continues to meet the social, economic and environmental needs of York, and its communities.

Whether it is changing consumer behaviour driven by technology, growing transport and environmental challenges, or housing demand, the My City Centre Vision is an opportunity for York to lead the way; as residents, businesses and stakeholders, who, like us, care deeply about York.

In November 2021, the Council's Executive approved the My City Centre Vision (now Our City Centre Vision), an exciting and ambitious vision for York city centre which was prepared and refined through extensive engagement.

Our City Centre York

Delivering a new vision for York’s city centre

West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA

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