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Planning and building

Major developments in Castle Gateway

Latest news on Castle Gateway

At a meeting on 16 November 2023, councillors received an update on the Castle Gateway regeneration and agreed to a series of recommendations for the next steps. The My Castle Gateway update blog summarises the decisions made.

We remain committed to delivering this transformational project for the benefit of our city and communities.

We’re working on ambitious plans to regenerate the Castle Gateway area of the city, transforming it into a world class public space.

An aerial view of the Castle Gateway area.

Aerial view of the Castle Gateway area

The Castle Gateway area sits largely within the city walls on the site of the former York Castle where the River Ouse and River Foss meet. The area covers the length of Piccadilly, the Coppergate Shopping Centre, Clifford's Tower and the Eye of Yorkshire, and runs through to St George's Field and the Foss Basin.

The area has great potential in terms of its location, historic and cultural assets, yet also has areas of significant dereliction and underdevelopment. Regeneration will provide an opportunity to develop retail, leisure and residential facilities, which will complement and build on the vitality of the city centre. This will improve the historic setting of Clifford's Tower and the quality of public space and accessibility throughout the area.

Find out more about the various initiatives underway to improve the area:

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