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Planning applications for the first phase of the Castle Gateway masterplan have been submitted; get the lastest information and give your views on designs for a residential development in the Castle Mills area and multi-storey car park at St George’s Field.

The council's Executive approved a high level vision for major developments in Castle Gateway in January 2017. Since then through the My Castle Gateway project, events, web pages, and social media we've explored the vision and gained an understand of what you’d like to see, do, change and protect about the area.

Your ambitions and challenges shaped BDP's 'Masterplan' for Castle Gateway, which was presented at the council's Executive meeting in April 2018 - full details of the Castle Gateway Masterplan are available, as part of the Executive report.

Map of the Castle Gateway Masterplan

Use our interactive map to view an artist's impression of each area in the Castle Gateway Masterplan, and to find out more about the proposals:

Map of Castle Gateway Masterplan
View 1: Castle and the Eye of York View 2: St George's Field View 3: Foss Basin View 4: Riverside Walk View 5: Piccadilly
  • Map key - orange - proposed developments
  • Map key - orange stripes - proposed Ministry of Justice scheme
  • Map key - yellow - proposed developments (consented)
  • Map key - grey - existing developments
  • Map key - cream - public realm
  • Map key - buff - enhanced public realm
  • Map key - green stripes - proposed improvements to Tower Gardens
  1. Castle and the Eye of York
  2. St George’s Field
  3. Foss Basin
  4. Riverside Walk
  5. Piccadilly

Find out more about other elements of the Masterplan.

More about the Masterplan

BDP's proposed Masterplan balances many views and interests from the public, along with the history and heritage of the area, and the technical, planning and commercial possibilities of the site. The masterplan is ambitious, it aims to unlock the current Castle Car Park, improving the Eye of York and Clifford’s Tower, without losing the income from the existing car park.

The main features are:

  • replacing Castle Car Park with a multi-storey car park and visitor arrival point on St George’s Field
  • Castle Car Park and the Eye of York to become a new public space, hosting events throughout the year
  • a new residential and leisure building visually enhancing and covering the servicing yard at the rear of the Coppergate Centre
  • a new riverside walk by the Foss from the south of the city and a pedestrian/cycle bridge connecting with Piccadilly
  • bringing life to the Foss Basin, including a new apartment development
  • new commercial and residential developments on the sites of Castle Mills Car Park and 17-21 Piccadilly
  • significant improvements to public spaces and streets throughout the area

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