Cherry pickers, access platforms and cranes

Apply for permission (for the duration of the works) to place a cherry picker, access platform or crane on any part of the 'highway' including the road, footpath or verges.

Allow five working days for permission to be granted. We will contact you about your application within this time.

Restrictions on cherry pickers, access platforms and cranes

If you're working on busy roads or in the city centre we'll ask you to do so on a Sunday or outside peak hours. In addition:

  • rigid pedestrian barriers must be used to prevent pedestrians walking underneath equipment
  • traffic management measures must be taken (include details with your application)
  • a copy of your licence must be displayed on the vehicle or be kept by the equipment operator at all times

If your cherry picker, crane or access platform prevents others from using the 'carriageway' you need to apply for a road closure or lane closure.

For further information see our terms and conditions for use of cherry pickers and access platforms.

Tacit Consent

We may be unable to give permission, so this process does not fall under 'tacit consent' parameters:

  • you cannot assume permission will be given
  • we will contact you within 5 days of receiving your application
  • if you've not heard from us within 5 working days contact network management to check the status of your application

Paying for a cherry picker, access platform or crane licence

The cost of a licence is:

  • 1 day: £70
  • 2 days or more: £104

We will send an invoice to the applicant for the cost of the licence.  You can pay your invoice online.

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