Swapping your council home

Planned maintenance to payments system

We're making essential updates to our payments system from 1pm on Thurs 19 October to midday on Fri 20 October. We apologise that we won't be able to take online or telephone payments during this time

Swapping homes is much quicker than waiting for a council organised transfer.

You will need our permission to move. If you move without written approval you will have to move back. In extreme cases you may lose both homes.

Introductory tenants are not entitled to swap homes.

If you need to move urgently

If you are being harassed by neighbours, are living in fear of violence or have other exceptional circumstances talk to your Housing Management Officer.

We will decide what action should be taken - which could involve a move. We will also look at other ways to solve the problem, such as an injunction. This may mean getting help from other people, such as the police and social workers.

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