Temporary signage for developments

You need to apply for permission to put up temporary direction signs for new developments.

Please note:

  • the development must be of a minimum planned size of 30 bedrooms
  • you will need an accredited streetworks certificate in order to work on the highway to mount the signs
  • a permit will be issued listing the approved signs (please note: you may not get permission for all signs requested)

Apply for temporary signage

View the full terms and conditions for temporary signage before making an application, then complete and return a temporary signage application form along with the appropriate fee.

We'll contact you when we have received your application - please ensure your full contact details are included.

Cost of temporary signage

The application fee:

  • covers administration and site investigation costs
  • is non-refundable and payable with the application
  • depends on the number of signs applied for:
    • 4 signs or less: £353
    • 5 to 8 signs: £412
    • 9 signs or more: £469

If your application is successful, you will need to pay an additional highway charge of £16 per month for each sign. This charge is payable 3 months in arrears and is invoiced to the developer quarterly.

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