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Secondary school admissions advice

You need to apply to the local authority where you live, even if the schools you are applying for are outside this area. You can only apply if you have parental responsibility; if this is shared you must be in agreement before the application is submitted as details cannot be changed at a later date.

City of York residents can apply online at through Parent Portal. See more advice about the school admissions process.

When applying you may list up to 5 preference schools and we advise you to include your catchment school in your preferences.

You must submit your application by 31 October.

School catchment areas

It's your responsibility to check which school is your catchment school.

See details of catchment areas for schools in York.

Allocation of school places

Each school or admission authority has an admissions policy that details how applications should be made, how applications will be considered and how many places can be offered.

See details of all admissions policies, or see your chosen schools' policies on the school websites.

If there are more applications for places than places available, this policy makes clear who will be offered places and who will be refused. This is called the oversubscription criteria which is detailed in each school's admission policy.

National Offer Day

You'll find out where your child has been offered a place on National Offer Day, which is the 1 March or the next working day each year.

If you apply online, you'll be able to check your offers via Parent Portal from 10.00am on National Offer Day. You'll need your username and password to log on. You'll also receive an email on the day.

Applicants who don't apply online will receive a letter.

If you can't be allocated a place at your preference school/s, you'll be allocated a place at the closest school with places available. This may not be your catchment school if your catchment school is over-subscribed and you have not listed it as a preference.

Admissions appeals

If you're refused a place at a school of your preference, you have the right to appeal against the decision of the admission authority to an independent appeal panel.

You'll be added to the waiting list of your preference school/s, should places become available.

We advise all parents and carers to consult the Guide for Parents before applying for a school place.

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