Listed buildings are nationally recognised as being architecturally or historically important; they fall into three categories:

  • Grade I
  • Grade II*
  • Grade II

Protection of these important buildings extends to the whole building, inside and outside and to certain structures 'within its domain'.

Other structures can also be listed such as telephone boxes, bridges or statues.

More information on the listing process and gradings can be found through Historic England.

Listed buildings in York

There are over 1,500 listed buildings in York. Some of these listings include several buildings, for example, multiple dwellings in a terraced street; therefore, there are actually over 2,000 individual listed buildings in York.

Listed buildings in York are shown on the map below - zoom in to see more detail, or search by street name or postcode, then click on individual sites for more information.

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Listed building consent

Listed building consent is required if you wish to alter, extend or demolish a listed building under the following legislation and policy:

Find out which buildings are listed in York

Find out which buildings are listed in York via British Listed Buildings.

Alternatively, download lists of churches, grade I and grade II* buildings. (Note: these lists are limited and may not include all listed buildings).

Buildings of local importance

York does not have an 'adopted local list', but you can see the provisional list and find out more about the process through the York Open Planning Forum.

The buildings on the provisional local list are not statutorily protected. They have been identified as buildings of local value for their contribution to their streetscene or environment, or because they are associated with notable local people or events.

Suggest a building to be listed

Suggestions for listing a building or monument are made through Historic England.

However, due to the high number of requests, buildings must meet one of the following criteria:

  • be under serious threat of demolition or major alteration
  • be a designated department priority
  • be significant enough to be obviously worthy of inclusion on the National Heritage List for England

Provide information about a listed building

You can add additional information regarding listed buildings and structures via the Enriching the List project run by Historic England.

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