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The street naming process

Street name suggestions are listed on the Street Naming Register.

Suggestions for street names for housing developments can be made by:

Town and parish councils are encouraged to state their suggestions for street names early in the development process, to ensure ideas are known by developers. If the developer has no suggestions for a street name, we'll select a name.

Where proposals involve naming streets after individuals careful consideration is given to the suitability. Wherever possible we support the use of proposed names that reflect local history and heritage.

As part of the street naming process we'll check with Royal Mail to ensure there's no risk of duplication, or confusion with existing street names in the local area.

During the street naming process a period of consultation takes place with town or parish councils. At this stage alternative names can be put forward, views can be heard and any objections can be raised.

If any objections arise, or alternative names are put forward, the consultation exercise will be repeated and those involved will be informed of the proposed changes.

Following approval, we'll register street names and prepare a 'postal schedule of addresses'.

We'll provide developers with a numbered plan of the housing development (which also shows the approximate position of any street signs), so they can inform all prospective purchasers of their new property address.

Report problems with street signs

Use our online forms to report problems with existing street signs.

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