The street naming process

Developers can submit suggestions for street names for a particular development. If the developer has no suggestions we will select a name.

If time allows, town and parish councils will be asked for suggestions, but generally they are encouraged to put forward suggestions in advance to ensure that their ideas are known. Suggestions are then placed on the Street Naming Register of possible names for use.

In situations where proposals are put forward to name streets after individuals, careful consideration has to be given to the suitability. Wherever possible we support the use of proposed names that reflect local history and heritage.

Before the proposed names are considered, we will check with the Post Office for their approval. This is to ensure that there is no risk of duplication, or selecting a name which could be confused with an existing street name.

A period of consultation takes place with town or parish councils. At this stage alternative names can be put forward, views can be heard and any objections can be raised.

If any objections are raised or alternative names put forward during the process, the consultation exercise will be repeated and all parties will be informed of the proposed change.

Report problems

Use our online forms to report problems with existing street naming signs.

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